The NEWTON-3 release system was developed in Auckland, New Zealand early in 2018.  The NEWTON-3 release system was developed as a self protection release system for drones – so as to not compromise the safety of the drone over water when encountering tangles and mishaps. The NEWTON-3 release is a small mechanical release which drops the line when a measured force is applied on the fishing line. Traditionally, expensive drones are used (as they lift more and have certain functions) to drop bait offshore, and the chances of dropping the drone into the water due to a tangle is high. No-one wants to lose a drone and especially an expensive one.

The AEE Condor drone is a dedicated fishing drone for anglers – on a budget. Access to the latest drone technology without the exorbitant cost of a high end drone. The AEE Condor has been paired with the NEWTON-3 release as a specific fishing drone – saving hassle of trying to pair fishing release systems with other consumer drones. 

The setting speed of over 16 metres a second ensures the line flies higher behind the drone as the faster setting speed lifts and streams the line behind the drone when casting.

The additional lifting power of the Condor allows for line weights of up to 37kg spectra and up to 10 well baited hooks to be effortlessly deployed 500 metres offshore.

The Condor drone is very easy to calibrate, there is no need for a separate phone app to get speed, altitude and battery information when setting.

The Condor fishing drone is easy to use even for those who struggle with technology yet has a similar fishing capacity to the much more expensive Swell Pro Splash Drone.

Condor Fishing Drone battery performance averages four 500 metre sets per charge from the 6800mAh smart battery.

  • Newton-3 release; protect your drone
  • Massive 6800mAh  / 11.1V SMART battery – heavy lift and extended flight time
  • No requirement for phone app to operate
  • Suitable for casting up to 500m on 50lb to 80lb Spectra braid line
  • 4-5 x 500m casts on 50% battery
  • GPS and return to home
  • Auto take-off and landing
  • Easily cast up to 600 grams (21 ounces) 500 metres offshore
  • Set 10 or more baited traces (but respect your local fishing regulations!)
  • Line weights up to 37kg breaking strain.

We have done the homework for you. Now, go and fish.